Best AWP Skins in CS:GO

The best AWP skins in CS:GO, in different price ranges to choose from.

Best AWP Skins in CS:GO

Devastating and deadly damage, very expensive to buy in-game, a thundering sound and extremely skillful: the AWP, one of the most iconic weapons in CS:GO. With its ability to one-shot kill enemies, it's not a surprise that the AWP is one of the most desired guns in CS:GO. But its deadliness has a price: the AWP is pretty hard to master, awfully slow to reload and move around with, and can get you killed easily, if you miss your shot!

In this post, we'll have a look at some of the best skins available for this infamous bolt-action sniper rifle, in a variety of price ranges.

AWP | Lightning Strike

AWP Lightning Strike

Added to the game in 2013, as the only covert skin in the first CS:GO Weapon Case, the AWP | Lightning Strike is one of the oldest AWP skins. Its metallic coating, the purple painting and the white lightning bolt, give this skin a pretty unique look. The name reflects exactly how the AWP sounds like when you pull the trigger: a lightning strike! We don't see many players using this skin these days, so if you want to stand out from the crowd, by owning a very old but cool and timeless skin, this might be the right choice for you.

AWP | Hyper Beast

AWP Hyper Beast

The AWP | Hyper Beast was introduced in 2015 in the Falchion Case as part of Operation Bloodhound. There are also other skins from the Hyper Beast series, which have been accepted and included in-game: M4A1-S, Five-Seven and the Nova. If you decide to go with this colourful and beastly skin, you might want to look at the other 3 as well.  

AWP | Asiimov

AWP Asiimov

The Asiimov skins must undoubtedly be among the most popular designs in CS:GO. The futuristic, yet simplistic look, combined with the orange and white colour combo, is very appealing to the vast majority of players. In fact, so much so that till today, 6 Asiimov skins have already been added to the game by Valve, the AWP | Asiimov being one of them. This design is also perfectly suitable for a variety of sticker crafts, due to the clean background. If you want a matching loadout, you could buy the whole set, which as of today, consists of AK-47 | Asiimov, M4A4 | Asiimov, P250 | Asiimov, and the P90 | Asiimov. There is a good chance that even more Asiimov skins could be added in the future. One of the most desired versions of the AWP Asiimov, by a part of the community, is the so called 'Blackiimov'. A true Blackiimov has a full black scope and an extremely high float in Battle-Scarred condition and is hard to come by, thus pricey. Keep in mind, that the best float available for this skin is Field-Tested.

AWP | Wildfire

AWP Wildfire

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Counter-Strike, in 2019 Valve released the CS20 case, containing community made skins with themes based on CS:GO's history, maps and past operations. The AWP | Wildfire, which is one of the covert skins in that case, is a reference to Operation Wildfire, which was released a couple years back in 2016. A dragon made out of pure fire, and a reddish colour theme from hell. Can't go wrong with this concept, can you? If this skin was a rarer operation skin drop, it would cost a lot more, thus a really good bang for your buck!

AWP | Containment Breach

AWP Containment Breach

If there was a Geiger counter in CS:GO, it would start clicking like crazy, if somebody with this skin was nearby. A toxic, radioactive forest full of mutated ratlike creatures trying to get out, is what is depicted on the body of the scary AWP | Containment Breach skin. If you're planning to have a green loadout, this skin is the coolest option out there right now. It's one of the covert skins in the Shattered Web Case, which was released as part of Operation Shattered Web in 2019 and is now discontinued.

AWP | Medusa

AWP Medusa

Be cautious when inspecting this skin and don't look into those eyes for too long. She is one of the Gorgon sisters in Greek mythology: Medusa, who turned any man who dared to gaze into her eyes, to stone! Let that be the destiny of your enemies! The AWP | Medusa is the most desirable and priciest skin in the discontinued Gods and Monsters collection, which was introduced in 2015 with Operation Bloodhound. The colour of this blue skin gets a bit greener, the more battle-scarred it gets. The green ones with very high float values, are called 'Green Witch' and those are the ones, which are desired by some AWP Medusa enthusiasts.

AWP | The Prince

AWP The Prince

The already mentioned Operation Shattered Web, also came with 3 brand new skin collections at that time, one of which was the Canals Collection. The AWP | The Prince is the rarest and most expensive skin in that collection. If you're a man of culture and history, looking for a noble and classy AWP with a royal vibe, then this skin might be the right choice for you. A deep, dark red background, refined with golden botanical engravings all over the body, inscribed with 'Pax Tibi Marce Evangelista Meus' in Latin, which means 'Peace be with you, Mark, my Evangelist'.

AWP | Gungnir

AWP Gungir

Another collection, which was released along with the Shattered Web Operation, was the Norse Collection, with weapon designs and themes, which were inspired by the Nordic mythology and lore. The AWP | Gungnir is named after the legendary spear of Odin, the almighty god of the Norse. That spear is of course the main design element of this skin, rounded off with a braided pattern in fine silver all over the body. Another highlight is the shiny, pearl-like blue coating, which reflects light with a variety of shimmering shades of blue and a bit of purple, depending on the angle, which the light is hitting the skin. Due to the popularity of the colour scheme and the Norse mythology in general, this skin is a serious contender to remain one of the most desired AWPs among all AWP skins in CS:GO, but it's costly.

AWP | Fade

AWP Fade

In 2020, when the AWP | Fade was released in the Control Collection - alongside Operation Broken Fang - CS:GO Superstar S1mple from Navi, called it "the best AWP skin", in one of his tweets. Fade skins have a huge fan base, due to the shiny chrome finish and gradient colouration, and different fade patterns you can get. Full Fades with a lot of yellow colour, are the most desired ones when it comes to this specific AWP. If you generally like the Fade pattern, there are other skins available, such as Glock-18 | Fade, but also many knives with the Fade finish, to match your loadout.

AWP | Dragon Lore

AWP Dragon Lore

Last but not least, we have the most legendary skin in CS:GO and the ultimate show-off AWP on our list: the AWP | Dragon Lore.

This skin has been the dream of almost every CS:GO player, ever since its release in 2014 in the Cobblestone Collection, which was first introduced and dropped during Operation Breakout. This collection kept reappearing in a few other subsequent operations, before being finally discontinued and there are no more AWP Dragon Lore drops since couple of years now. An angry, fire-breathing dragon, attentively decorated and painted on a body, whose colours seamlessly shift from an olive green back portion, to a golden yellow in the middle, and orange and red approaching the front part, simply fits perfectly. This skin is unobtainable for most players, due to its insanely high price-tag, but if you have the extra money to spend on pixels, you're guaranteed to get the attention of every player in your CS:GO matches.

We hope you liked our selection of AWP skins in CS:GO and that we could help you a bit to find a fitting AWP skin for your CS:GO loadout.