Best Cheap Complete CS:GO Loadout for $20

A complete loadout of all CS:GO weapon skins for a total price of just $20!

Budget Loadout

Best Cheap Complete CS:GO Loadout for $20

If you're on a tight budget or simply aren't willing to spend hundreds of dollars for skins, but still want to have a presentable CS:GO loadout to show off, play and have fun with, we've prepared something for you:

A complete loadout of nice CS:GO skins for all of the 34 weapons available in CS:GO, for a total price of just $20!

We combed through all currently available weapon skins in CS:GO and prepared a detailed list (incl. exact wear levels), which we believe offers you the most bang for your buck and saves you a lot of time. Besides the design and overall look of the skins, we considered a few more aspects and questions in our choices, such as: do the lower and more expensive wear levels really have a significant impact on the look of the chosen skin? Are some of the skins suitable for potential sticker crafts? Which guns are the most used ones in the game and therefore deserve a larger share of our budget? Do the skins have a good chance of keeping their current value on the market? The only skins missing are knives and gloves, which simply can't be obtained with our budget. So let's just dive into it.

Pistol Skins:


Total price of all pistol skins at Skinport: $8.50

Try to get the USP-S, the Glock-18 and the CZ75-Auto with lowest possible float values to get them as clean as possible. The Glock-18 | Moonrise has a special star pattern as well, if you get lucky and find one for the normal market price.

Rifle Skins:


Total price of all rifle skins at Skinport: $8.85

Depending on whether you play more with the M4A1-S or the M4A4, you should obviously choose the one you play with, to spend more money on. Our choice is the M4A1-S and the good old Nitro finish as it's very clean looking (even in MW condition) and offers the perfect background for many nice 3 X sticker crafts on its body. The same goes for the AK-47 | Elite Build, which has a minimalistic modern touch without any sticker, but is also suitable for almost any 4X sticker craft. On a side note: try to find lower floats for the AK, as it looks a bit cleaner in FT condition with better floats. The AWP | Atheris is a no-brainer as its artwork is definitely worth the $2.



Total price of all SMG skins at Skinport: $1.50

An alternative to the UMP | Exposure would be the UMP Moonrise, which then matches your Glock | Moonrise as well. The cheap Candy Apple skins are always good candidates with their popular red color and suitable for many sticker crafts.

Heavy Guns:


Total price of all heavy gun skins at Skinport: $1.15

The Heat skins (only MAG-7 and MAC-10 are available with this finish) are some of the oldest, but hottest (literally) looking skins with their distinct glowing lava finish. We wished there were more guns with this design (imagine an AK-47 Heat or an AWP Heat!).

So there you have it. We hope you liked our picks and that we could help you out to find a full and charming collection of CS:GO skins for very low prices.