Best CS:GO Movement Guide

Do you want to improve your movement in CS:GO? This guide will set you up for success.

Best CS:GO


Best CS:GO Movement Guide

In Counter-Strike getting better often means improving on every minute detail of the game. Getting quickly and smoothly from A to B and back is an essential skill, that can make a huge difference. And additionally you'll look cool as hell hitting that difficult jump or bunnyhop. But how do you practice movement efficiently? This guide will help you out with exactly that.


Movement Binds

First of all you need to optimize your binds. Altough the spacebar is the most intuitive button to bind your jump to, a lot of pro players use mousewheel down for that. That might sound a bit weird at first, but it comes with a lot of advantages. It makes bunnyhopping a lot easier and if you get used to this bind, you'll never want to go back.

You can achieve this bind by simply opening the console and typing bind mwheeldown +jump;

Practice Maps

Practice Map

There are a lot of good practice maps out there. Just browse through the workshop or community servers. There are three diffrent types of practice maps, that will improve your movement:

Climb Maps

Probably the most effective Tool to improve your movement in CS is to play climb maps. The all have the prefix "kz" so for example "kz_colors". If you search for them in the community browser tab, you'll find a lot of servers that host them and you can even compete against other players there.

Surf Maps

There are a lot of surf maps out there. Just search for surf in the community browser tab and play around on those maps. It is arguably not as effective as climbing, but it's a ton of fun and definitely beneficial as well.

Bhop Maps

There are certain maps dedicated to bunnyhopping in CS:GO. Although these maps might seem the most intuitive to play at first to achieve your goal of improving your movement, these maps are often designed to be played with different settings that you'll have on a competitive server. Therefore it's not as beneficial but definitely fun as well.

Offline Training

Offline Training

Last but not least there is also the option to load up an offline game on a competitive map that has a difficult jump and practice that directly. You'll build up muscle memory if you do that a lot so in the high stress situation of an actual game you won't have to think about it at all. The most prominent example for that is the infamous de_mirage window to short jump.