CS2 Float Guide

This guide will tell you everything about float values in CS2 and how skins are changing based on the float value


Float Value

CS2 Float Guide

Understanding CS2 Float Values: What You Need to Know

If you're a CS2 skin enthusiast, you're likely familiar with the concept of skin wear and tear. Every skin in the game comes with a float value, a numerical representation of its condition ranging from 0 to 1. But what exactly do these float values mean, and why are they important?

Let's dive into the world of CS2 float values to find out.

What are CS2 Float Values?

In CS2, the condition of a skin determines its appearance in-game. A skin with a lower float value generally appears newer and cleaner, while a skin with a higher float value may show signs of wear, scratches, or a darker color. Float values are essentially a measure of the amount of wear a skin has endured.

How are Float Values Calculated?

Float values are calculated based on a skin's wear index, which is assigned by the game. The wear index ranges from 0 to 1, with 0 representing the lowest Factory New condition and 1 representing the highest Battle-Scarred condition.


Float Value Range

Factory New

0.00 - 0.07

Minimal Wear

0.07 - 0.15


0.15 - 0.37

Well Worn

0.37 - 0.45

Battle Scared

0.45 - 1.00

Keep in mind, that not all Skins are available in every condition. Doppler Knives are generally capped at 0.08, which means Minimal Wear is the worst possible condition for Doppler Knives. On the other hand, the AWP Asiimov is only available in Field-Tested, Well Worn, and Battle Scared.

Why are Float Values Important?

Float values are important for several reasons:

Visual Appearance:

Float values directly impact the visual appearance of skins in-game. Players often prefer skins with lower float values because they tend to look cleaner and more visually appealing.

AK-Vulcan Different Conditions

While higher-float AK-Vulcans show a large number of scratches, the AK-Empress only gets slightly darker. So keep in mind to always check the skin and float value before purchasing a new skin. Depending on the different finishes, choosing the correct condition and float value can save you a lot of money!

AK-The Empress Different Conditions

Trading and Market Value:

Skins with lower float values are generally more desirable and valuable in the CS2-Skin community. When trading or selling skins, float values can significantly affect their market value and perceived worth. A low-float pair of Field-Tested Sport Gloves Vice can easily go for close to the same price as a Minimal Wear version.


For collectors, float values play a crucial role in determining the rarity and uniqueness of a skin. Rare skins with exceptionally low float values are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. Special number combinations in float values also tend to go for a nice amount of overpay. There are even some collectors out there who are collecting 0.5, 0.0666666, or 0.42069 float skins.

How to Check Float Values

You can check the float value of any CS2 skin using in-game inspection tools. You can also check the float value of every listing on Skinport. If your item is not listed on Skinport, using our screenshot tool will also display the float index and pattern ID while also providing a super sharp screenshot.

In the world of CS2 skins, float values are a fundamental aspect of skin condition and aesthetics. Whether you're a trader, collector, or simply a player who appreciates clean skins, understanding float values can enhance your experience and help you make informed decisions when buying or selling skins.

So next time you're eyeing a new skin for your loadout, don't forget to check its float value!