CS2 Rank System Explained

The rank system in CS2 has received a huge overhaul compared to CS:GO. In this article we will explain the differences in detail.



System explained
CS2 Rank System Explained

Two different Rank Systems

In CS2 there are two different rank systems, which is one more compared to the previous version of Counter-Strike: CS:GO. The competitive rank system will provide you with a separate rank for every map and the premier rank system is completely different from the CS:GO rank system.

Premier Rank System

premier ranks

In Premier Mode the old ranking system that CS:GO had with fixed ranks and badges that came with it, has been replaced completely. Your CS rating will now be represented by a number that is between 0 and 35000. You'll have to complete 10 placement matches to get your initial rank. After that the increase and decrease of your rank number depends on the average value of your team vs the average value of the enemy team. So you'll lose and win rating dynamically.

In Premier Mode you'll also have to pick and ban maps. So you cannot queue up specifically for only those maps, that you prefer and have potentially mastered.

Competitive Rank System

map based

The Competitive Rank System will use the same ranks as in CS:GO, but will be on a map to map basis. In this mode you can choose the maps that you want to play specifically, contrary to the aforementioned Premier Rank System.

This means that you can be Global Elite on Mirage for example while being Silver Elite on Dust 2 at the same time. So this system will be a bit more representative of your actual skill because some players were 'one-tricking' certain maps in the past in CS:GO. This also is very beneficial for skillful players, that might have taken a break from the game to familiarize themselves with newer maps they might not know yet, without being put against top players right away.