CS2 Release Date Leak

A brand new leak regarding the much awaited release of Counter-Strike 2 has appeared. In this article we will talk about it in detail.



Date Leak
CS2 Release Date Leak

CS2 might be the most hyped and awaited FPS game ever. While CS:GOs playerbase is still very large and active, everyone is curious about a potential release date of its successor CS2. Valves official statement was that CS2 is going to be released "during the summer of 2023" and its already August by now. But a new leak that is spread on Twitter right now could bring some light into the darkness.

Twitter Leak: CS2 Ranked System

A user on Twitter found some information in the source code of CS2 that could enclose the time span of the CS2 release quite a bit:

In the game code there are hints that CS2 will get a ranked system that is going to be similar to that of its competitor Valorant. This will include leaderboards for Premier Matchmaking. These leaderboards will be divided into 4 categories: Global, Region, Country and Friends. But how is this a hint on the potential release date?

Ranked Seasons

The game files also give a hint that there will be seasons in the new ranked system. According to the files the first season will start on 23rd of September and last 3 months. So if this information is correct, CS2 has to be released before this date.

It is very likely that CS2 wont have a ranked system implemented at Day 1 of its release, so the actual release date might be even sooner. CS:GOs birthday is on the 21st of August and it turns 11 years old on this day. This would be the perfect day to release CS2 from Valves perspective, but that is pure speculation at this point. We can just hope that CS2 will be released soon and that all of us get to try and play the new game.