CS2 Update! cl_righthand 0 and Dust II are both back!

This article will break down todays CS2 update and inform you about all important changes.



CS2 Update! cl_righthand 0 and Dust II are both back!

cl_righthand 0 is back!

In today's update, Valve has delivered what the CS community has been asking for since the release of the CS2 beta back in 2023. You can now change your weapon viewmodel to the left hand, which can give you a slight visual advantage for peaking corners, as the Weapon is no longer blocking your sight. You can set your preferred viewmodel settings in the game settings, so you don't have to switch it every round.


It is now even easier to change from right to left hand, as Valve added "H" as the standard hotkey to change the viewmodel. Keep in mind that you will redraw your weapon when changing to the right or left hand. Using it in the wrong situation will lower your chances of winning the duel.

Grenade Crosshair

Valve has also implemented a new reticle when pulling the pin of a grenade. This should help you and your team to hit every smoke lineup! This might even create some new smoke lineups, as you no longer need to look for fix points like 3cm next to a dot on a wall or an antenna on the roof. You can simply aim exactly at the correct distance with the help of the new reticle.

Smoke crosshair

You can even change the timing of the reticle for each nade. Therefore it won't be in your way when you are throwing a fast flashbang to blind your teammates!

Dust II is back!

Dust II has been added back to the active map pool and can therefore now be picked in Premier mode. But, to make space for Dust II one map of the active map pool has been removed. Unfortunately, this has hit Overpass. Overpass can therefore no longer be played in Premier game mode.


This will likely mean that the Overpass Collection will get reworked in the upcoming months. Keep an eye on the Overpass Souvenir Containers. With Dust 2 added back to the active map pool, pro-player matches can finally take place on Dust 2 again after many years.

Workshop Maps with Friends

You can now hop into your favorite workshop CS2 maps with your friends! This way you can start playing hide and seek again, practice smoke lineups or your aim together, or simply play a round of Cache in CS2.

Workshop Maps with Friends

Check out the CS2 workshop to find entertaining maps for you and your friends.

Overwatch in CS2

Since the release of CS2 in September 2023, Overwatch has been deactivated. This is no longer the case! You can finally hop back on to Overwatch and help detect wall-hackers, aim-hackers, spin-botters, or griefers. This will lead to a boost in fairness and competitiveness as well as a nicer experience for all CS players.

Overwatch is back

Keep in mind that you can not access Overwatch if you are unranked. Being an active part of the community is key when it comes to the accessibility of Overwatch.

Some smaller changes are also part of the update:

  • kill feed icon for kills while being mid-air

  • radar zoom option

  • dropped weapons at the spawn will now show in the buy menu & allow an instant pickup

  • minimum amount of money in the next round will now show in the buy menu

  • some adjustments for kill rewards

  • start of the sticker capsule sale of the 2024 Copenhagen Major

  • multiple bugfixes