CS:GO Doppler Phases: A comprehensive Guide

If you are into CS:GO skins, you'll most likely know about Doppler finishes already. But what do 'phases' actually mean in that context and why are there such big varieties in prices?

CS:GO Doppler Phases: A comprehensive Guide

What Are Phases in CS:GO?

Phases are groups of different finishes of certain CS:GO skins. In the case of Doppler Knives, they are determining the share of blue and red color on the skins itself. Some of these combinations are really rare and therefore more desireable and expensive. These combinations are random, but follow a certain pattern index so you can distinguish them easily. These indexes are grouped together in several categories, which we will explore in this article.

Doppler Phase 1

Phase 1

This is arguably the most common and least desirable phase Doppler Knifes. The finishes are mostly dark and have a bit of purple color on each side of the knife.

Doppler Phase 2

Phase 2

This is the most popular group of Doppler Knifes. It is mostly purple and has a touch of black, so you could argue, that this is an inverted version of phase 1. Purple also is a really rare and desired color in CS:GO skins, which also contributes to the fact that these are really popular.

Doppler Phase 3

Phase 3

These ones consist of a mix of a lot of dark tones, combined with a bit of blue. Somehow this phase is not all that popular so its a great way to get a hold of a Doppler skin without spending too much money on it. It is really similar to phase 1 but instead of some purple flavor, it is blue.

Doppler Phase 4

Phase 4

This is where it gets a bit more expensive and rare. Phase 4 is similar to phase 2 but instead of purple, it contains a lot of blue. This phase also looks the best on low wear knives, which makes it pricier.

Doppler Sapphire


Speaking of pricier skins: This one is a legendary pattern. This is also known as a "gem" finish because it consists of one color. In the case of Sapphire Knives it is all blue. They are really rare and therefore really expensive as well. They also look absolutely amazing ingame as well.

Doppler Ruby


This one is similar to the Sapphire, but it is all red. It is not quite as expensive as the Sapphire Knives, but definitely not cheap as well. So if you want a really rare knife and you prefer red over blue, you can even save some money.

Doppler Black Pearl


This one is the rarest of all finishes. It is an all black version of the Doppler finish and although it is not as impressive ingame as the Sapphire or Ruby, it is the most desirable because of its rarity. It looks like a phase 1 Doppler but it has no accent of purple at all.