CS:GO Fade Percentage Calculation Update

CS:GO Fade Percentage Calculation Update

With this recently released Project on GitHub it is now possible to accurately measure the exact percentage of a Fade skin in CS:GO based on mathematical analysis of paint seeds.

Each CS:GO weapon skin has a random paint seed value between 0 and 999.
This paint seed value, sometimes also called pattern index, determines the positioning of the pattern on the gun. Specifically, the paint seed determines the X offset, Y offset, and rotation value for the pattern position. And while all Fade skins have the same X and Y offsets and the different paint seeds only differentiate by rotation values, those three values can be calculated using an algorithm which has been open-sourced by Valve.

The paint seeds, also known as pattern index, can be converted into rotation values and its possible to assign each of those values a fade percentage ranging from 80 to 100. A rotation value of 80% would be the lowest Fade percentage while a rotation value of 100% would be the full Fade percentage of 100%. This new algorithm can either convert individual paint seeds into a fade percentage, or get a full list of all paint seeds and the corresponding fade percentages.

Bayonet Fade, pattern index 412 (80% Fade, lowest percentage possible)
Bayonet Fade, pattern index 763 (100% Fade, highest percentage possible)

The two pictures above show two examples of what is now known for a fact: the definitively lowest and highest Fade paint seeds for the Bayonet Fade.
Aside from Gloves, all Fade skins except the AWP, Karambit and Talon Knife share the same paint seeds for lowest and highest Fade percentages respectively. Especially on the Bayonet the difference between the two paint seeds in actual Fade percentage is visibly apparent. Furthermore, there is actually only one pattern index for the "true 100% Fade" for the Bayonet - pattern index 763.

Compared to alternative methods to determine the percentage of Fade skins in CSGO, such as image pixel color analysis, this new method has certain benefits:

  • The resulting Fade percentage values are 100% accurate
  • The methodology can be easily verified and reproduced
  • The algorithm is simple and fast

At this point in time there are only two websites that utilize the newly developed algorithm in Skinport and CSGOSKINS.GG.
Other websites that use their own algorithms, which are most likely based on image analysis and therefore are susceptible to errors, cannot deliver such an impressive overview of all different paint seeds and will have inaccurate results in the categorization of Fade percentages for CS:GO skins.

The definitive #1 Fade Pattern ("true" 100%) for all Fade skins that are not an AWP, a Karambit or a Talon Knife is pattern index 763. The highest Fade percentage pattern index for the AWP, Karambit and Talon Knife however would be 412.

Furthermore, we have collected the Top 10 Fade paint seeds arranged from highest to lowest Fade percentage, for all Fade skins except for the AWP, Karambit & Talon Knife:

  • 763
  • 575
  • 897
  • 636
  • 341
  • 93
  • 403
  • 910
  • 468
  • 326

The Top 10 Fade paint seeds for the AWP, Karambit & Talon Knife look like this:

  • 412
  • 602
  • 359
  • 649
  • 393
  • 701
  • 16
  • 146
  • 688
  • 541