Best CS:GO Launch Options Guide

A smoothly running game is the base for a good performance in a highly competitive game like Counter-Strike Global Offensive. In todays article we want to help you improve your games performance by choosing the optimal launch options.



Best CS:GO Launch Options Guide

What are launch options and where can I find them?

Launch options are commands that are forced onto the game the moment you start it. That is why they are called "launch options". In the highly customizable game of CS:GO it is really important to tweak every given option so you have the best personal experience possible. Generally these options are used to enhance performance and set really important settings.

To get to the launch options you need to open your steam library and right click on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. There you need to choose Properties and you'll find the launch options in the General tab.

What are the best launch options?

There is a lot of misinformation when it comes to launch options. A lot of the recommended launch options out there are outdated and therefore useless or could even harm your games performance. So you need to be careful choosing your launch options. If you try out a new option and you notice any decrease in your games performance, close your game and delete them immediately.

Here's a list of launch options with explanation on what they do:

CS:GO Launch Options



This options skips the intro movie that plays by default when you start the game so you don't have to watch it everytime.

-freq x

If you have a monitor that is capable of displaying a higher frequency than the standard 60hz, you need to set this launch option and replace "x" with your monitors refresh rate.


This launch option starts CS:GO with the console already opened. This comes in handy sometimes because the console bind can be broken from time to time.

+exec autoexec

You can write an autoexec and force the game to run this file. If you don't know what that is The only CS:GO training config guide you'll ever need will help you out with that.

-tickrate 128

Sets your tickrate in local games to 128 instead of 64.

-language english

Sets your games language to English for example.

+r_drawparticles 0

Removes particles and makes your game experience cleaner overall.


Disables the Direct3D 9Ex technology. That can have the effect that it allows you to tab in and out of the game faster.


Forces your game to run in fullscreen mode.

+fps_max 0

Disables the FPS limiter of your game.

+cl_forcepreload 1

Forces the computer to preload models and textures for a better performance.

Outdated Commands

Some commands that were really popular back in the days are outdated now and therefore useless or even harmful. Do NOT use these commands!

  • -high This one used to be a command to set the priority of your games process in windows to high. This does not work anymore.

  • -threads x With this one you could set the number of threads that your processor should use for CS:GO in the past.

  • -noforcemparms This one used to block the Windows Mouse Acceleration.

  • -noforcemaccel "

  • -noforcemspd "