CS:GO Patch 25.01.2023

CS:GO has received an update last night. This article will sum up the changes for you, so you'll be informed and up to date.



CS:GO Patch 25.01.2023

Map Changes

Anubis has received a number of changes and adjustments after it has been part of the competitive map pool for several weeks already.

  • Ivy at B Long got trimmed:

Anubis Ivy B-Long
  • Reduced size of trim at B Long

  • Ruins got adjusted to make them "less ruined":

Ruins Anubis
  • Clipping got adjusted at Ruins and B Long

  • Adjusted shape of the Boat in Canal:

Boat Anubis
  • Lowered the water grates at the back of Canal:

Water Grates Anubis
  • Grenade clipping around bombsites got adjusted

  • Minor optimizations have been done