Rarity and Exclusivity of CS:GO Skins explained

CS:GO skins are not created equal. We'll uncover the various rarity tiers that range from common to ultra-rare.

CS:GO Skins


Rarity and Exclusivity of CS:GO Skins explained

1. Consumer Grade

Consumer Grade

Consumer Grade skins are the most common and least valuable skins in CS:GO. They are easily attainable and often have a simplistic design or basic color scheme. These skins are usually found in abundance and are a common sight in the game.

2.Industrial Grade

Industrial Grade

Industrial Grade skins are slightly more uncommon than Consumer Grade skins. They often feature more detailed designs and color variations. While they are still relatively common, they tend to have a bit more visual appeal and can be more desirable among players.

3. Mil-Spec


Mil-Spec skins are considered to be of a higher rarity compared to the previous two tiers. They exhibit even more intricate designs, patterns, and color schemes. These skins start to become more visually appealing and can attract attention from collectors and players seeking more unique options.

4. Restricted


Restricted skins are rarer and more visually striking than the lower-tier skins. They often feature intricate patterns, custom engravings, or other special details that set them apart. These skins are less common and can be more valuable in the CS:GO skin market.

5. Classified


Classified skins are relatively rare and highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. They showcase exceptional craftsmanship, detailed artwork, and elaborate designs. Classified skins often have unique finishes or thematic elements that make them stand out from the crowd.

6. Covert


Covert skins are considered to be among the rarest and most valuable in CS:GO. They boast stunning visuals, intricate patterns, and exquisite attention to detail. These skins are often associated with high-tier weapons and are highly coveted by collectors and players who want to make a statement with their loadout.

7. Contraband


Contraband skins represent an ultra-rare tier in CS:GO. They are exceptionally rare and valuable due to various reasons, such as legal issues or being discontinued from circulation. Contraband skins hold significant value and are often considered prized possessions among collectors.