CS:GO Source 2 soon?

Last night CS:GO got new depots that hint the release of the long awaited Source 2 Engine. This article will inform you about everything that happened.


Source 2

CS:GO Source 2 soon?

Technical Details

So what exactly happened last night?

According to SteamDB CS:GO has received 10 new depots. One of these depots is confirmed to be a part of a DLC with the AppID 2279721. According to SteamDB these are Source 2 Workshop Tools for CS:GO.

CS:GO Depots
Here you can see the change history of the CS:GO Depots.

If this is compared to the ID's in the Dota 2 Database, that runs on Source 2 for several years already, it is very likely that this is the actual Source 2 DLC. The other Depots added in this Update are very likely to be Source 2 Gamefiles. There are also new CS:GO Strings that have been found in the lastest Dota 2 Update. Those include keywords like skins and stickers.

Source 2 or Counter-Strike 2?

With the new information gathered, it is pretty safe to assume that Source 2 will be released any day in form of a DLC rather than a new game. So the rumors about a potential Counter-Strike 2 are almost debunked.

When is Source 2 going to be released?

The community was hoping to get the release of Source 2 with the 10 years of CS:GO – Counter-Strikes Birthday Update but that did not happen at that time. But with the recent information gathered a release in March of 2023 is very likely, because the leaked files are in such a deeply developed state. So keep your eyes open the patch might already drop tomorrow.

What about my Skins?

As mentioned in the section above, since there are Strings that include keywords like skins and stickers, it is also pretty much confirmed that your skins will be safe and transferred to the new engine. So there is no reason to worry about your skins at this point. The community seems to agree with this, because skin sales rose a lot in the last couple of hours with people expecting a whole new hype for CS:GO and CS:GO skins in the near future.

What else can we expect from this?

Valve does not have released an official statement so we can only speculate on what is exactly coming.

The communities expectations are very high. A lot of players are hoping for 128 tick servers and a reworked Matchmaking-System. At this point this neither can be confirmed nor denied. Some members of the community are backing their speculations up with the thought that Source 2 might not be compatible with the old 64 tick servers.

Another hope of the community is the increase of performance, especially for lower end systems and PCs. Altough this also cannot be confirmed or denied, it is really likely though that such an increase is going to happen in the long term.

If there is any new information we will of course keep you up to date!