10 years of CS:GO – Counter-Strikes Birthday Update

10 years of CS:GO – Counter-Strikes Birthday Update

CS:GO is celebrating its 10th birthday this week with a huge update. This article is designed to sum up the most important changes for you. The update contains changes to the competitive and overall mappool, the new "10 Year Birthday Coin", the option to inspect items before unboxing them and the brandnew "10 Year Birthday Sticker Capsule".  All of this will be covered in this article in detail.

10 Year Sticker Capsule

The change that skin enthusiasts like ourselves most likely will enjoy is the addition of the new sticker capsule. Here are all the available stickers in one picture for you:

All the available stickers of the Birthday Sticker Capsule

The capsule contains 65 community submitted designs that originate from the preceding 10 year anniversary competition.  Some of them are available in a brand new quality which is called "Lenticular" that is also animated. The new inspect function comes in handy as well regarding the sticker capsule as you can browse through each and every sticker and inspect them.

New Container Inspect

The "Cake! Coin"

There's no birthday without a proper birthday cake - or in this case: a birthday cupcake!

Source: Counter-Strike Blog

Players with Prime status can grab the new CS:GO Birthday Coin by earning enough XP for their first in-game drop of the week.

Map Changes

Valve just added 5 maps to competitive matchmaking and Wingman! The biggest change probably is the highly anticipated Tuscan map.


This map certainly has a lot of history and a large portion of the CS:GO community was hoping for the addition of the map someday. And now it is finally here! We at Skinport also anticipated the addition of this map already back in early June of this year, so we covered the then current state of the progress of remaking this map with a video on our socials:

And here you can see screenshots of the other maps added with the update:


Happy Birthday CS:GO!