Funny console commands in CS2

If you like to play on custom servers with your friends, these console commands will help you having a blast!



Funny console commands in CS2

How to activate the CS2 console?

To use all of the following commands, you need to make sure that the console is enabled in your game settings and bound to the key of your choice.

How to activate the console in CS2?

Continue to set up an offline game or a server and open the console by pressing the button that is assigned to it in your settings. You will now have type sv_cheats 1 into the console to activate custom commands that can not be used on official matchmaking servers.

Tip: Use this command before your friends join, so they won't see that cheats have been activated.

Funny CS2 Commands

Here is a list of the funniest CS2 commands:

  • sv_gravity 200 lowers the gravity, jumps will be higher but also slower. If you want to use your weapons while being mid-air, make sure to also use the next command.

  • weapon_air_spread 0 removes the extreme bullet spread when shooting mid-air. Now you have the same spray pattern while being mid-air.

  • sv_bounce 10 turns the walls into large rubber pads. As soon as you touch a wall, you will start to bounce back from it.

  • ent_create chicken spawns a chicken.

  • ent_fire chicken addoutput "modelscale 10" increases the size of your chicken by a factor of 10. Feel free to change that number to your liking.

  • ent_fire chicken color „0 0 255" changes the color of the chicken to blue. As this is an RGB color code, you can create over 16 million different colors. Red is "255 0 0", Green is "0 255 0" & Pink is "255 0 207".

  • fov_cs_debug 160 will set your FOV (field of view) to 160 degrees. Of course, you can change the number to anything between 68 and 160. Paired with the next command this creates a chaotic combination.

  • cl_wpn_sway_scale 500 increases the swing of your weapon. Using this will lead to the weapon wiggling around a lot!

  • ragdoll_gravity_scale -10000 leads to flying ragdolls. Meaning if you kill your enemy, you will turn him into a scrambled egg.

  • host_timescale "0.5" lets you control the time. Use a value below "1" to slow down time and a number above "1" to speed up time. Keep in mind that this also makes your round-timer run faster.

  • mp_damage_headshot_only 1 will enable "headshot only" mode. So you can only deal damage while hitting a headshot. This command is an easy way to improve your aim.

Possibilities for funny stuff are pretty much endless. Make sure to try these commands with bots or your friends.