How to test any Knife in CS2 - Completely Free

You want to test and play around with every knife skin in CS2 there is without paying anything for it? What sounds like a dream can be easily done with a couple of commands.

Test Every

CS2 Knife

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How to test any Knife in CS2 - Completely Free

As we've discussed in our previous article How to get a Knife Skin in CS2 - All Methods explained upgrading your knife skin in CS2 from the default knife to something more prestigious is the ultimate goal for almost every CS2 player and skin enthusiast. Knives are usually the most expensive type of skin in the game, which is why you should be absolutely certain about your choice before you make an investment like that. Unfortunately the game offers no way to test the different knife types to see how it feels for you. Or does it?

With a couple of commands in the developer console you'll be able to test every CS2 knife in the game without paying a dime for it. This is how it works:

How to test every Knife in CS2

Here's a step by step guide:

  1. Start a game on an offline server.

  2. Open up your developer console. The standard key bind for that is the tilde key (~).

  3. Type in the commands sv_cheats 1 and mp_knife_drop_enable 1 which allows you to drop you knife to the floor which wouldn't be possible usually.

  4. Press your drop button. The standard key bind for that is G.

  5. Enter one of the knife commands from the table below.

  6. Look on the ground, the knife will be laying there ready for you to pick it up.

  7. Enjoy your knife!

Console Knife Command

Every CS2 Knife Command

Here are the commands for every knife that you need for step 5:




subclass_create 507

Butterly Knife

subclass_create 515

M9 Bayonet

subclass_create 508

Flip Knife

subclass_create 505

Skeleton Knife

subclass_create 525

Talon Knife

subclass_create 523

Classic Knife

subclass_create 503

Huntsman Knife

subclass_create 509

Gut Knife

subclass_create 506

Ursus Knife

subclass_create 519

Stiletto Knife

subclass_create 522

Survival Knife

subclass_create 518

Paracord Knife

subclass_create 517

Shadow Daggers

subclass_create 516

Nomad Knife

subclass_create 521

Navaja Knife

subclass_create 520

Kukri Knife

subclass_create 526

Falchion Knife

subclass_create 512

Bowie Knife

subclass_create 514

Can I get banned for this?

No you cannot get banned for this. Since you are just using ingame commands for that, there's no way you can get banned. You need to be aware though, that these commands only work on servers with sv_cheats enabled. So unfortunately this won't work in regular Matchmaking or other competitive game servers.