2% Fees for Private Listings!

Recently we've lowered our fees. This article will inform you about everything regarding this change in detail.



2% Fees for Private Listings!

Lower Fees for Private Listings

Fee Reduction

The fees for private listings were adjusted from 6% to 2%. So everytime you want to sell an item privately, you'll only have to pay 2% of the item value as fees. This article will cover the most important questions regarding this change:

  • What are Private Listings?

You can use private listings to sell items, without them showing up in the public market section. So only users, that have your specific link can view those items.

  • What is the purpose of a Private Listing?

You can use private listings if you have an item, that you want to sell to a specific person for example. So you can use Skinport as a platform to ensure the security of this transaction and guarantee that you'll not get scammed. So Skinport will be the middlesman of that sale in this case.

  • What are the benefits of using Skinport for Private Listings?

Besides the aforementioned security reasons there are a lot more benefits to this: You'll save money because 2% fees are lower than most payment providers use, so even if you sell without a middlesman, you are likely to pay more without the security of Skinport. Most other sites also have a cashout fee, which we do not have, so you'll only pay the mentioned 2% of your item price.

  • Can I share the link to my Private Listing?

Absolutely. We encourage you to share any link to your private listings through social media for example.