Map Callouts: Anubis

Have you had the chance to play some Anubis yet but you don't know how to properly call on this map? This article will provide you all the common callouts on this map!

Anubis Callouts

Map Callouts: Anubis

Overview of the Map

Anubis Callouts

This map can be quite overwhelming at first sight. The shown map is designed to help you navigate through it and be able to provide precise callouts to your teammates. The following sections will provide a more detailed explanation of the subdivisions of the map.


The mid-part of this map might be the most confusing at first with its sheer amount of pathways left and right.

First of all you need to distinguish between "Bridge" and "Mid":

Bridge Anubis
This is "Bridge".

This is Bridge.

Mid Anubis

And this is Mid.

From Bridge you can drop down to the right to "Canal" or and from there you can walk left towards "Connector".

Canal Anubis

This is Canal.

Connector Anubis

This is Connector.

If you move further towards Mid, you can turn right towards "Double Door":

Double Door Anubis

or move straight into "Cave":

Cave Anubis

From Cave you'll get towards the actual Mid, where you can turn right towards "Glass":

Glass Anubis

or turn left towards "Temple":

Temple Anubis


A-Site Anubis

This section will cover the A-Site and all of its entrances for you.

You can enter the A-Site via "Tunnels":

Tunnels Entrance Anubis

via Glass:

Glass Entrance Anubis

or via the "A Main" section:

A Main Anubis


This Section will provide insight on all of the entrances to B-Site on Anubis.

You can enter B-Site via "B Main":

B Main Anubis

via Connector:

Connector Entrance Anubis

via Temple:

Temple Entrance Anubis

or via "Street":

Street Entrance