New CS2 Inferno!

Some screenshots of the new Inferno map in Counter-Strike 2 just got leaked. In this article we will take a close look at them.



New CS2 Inferno!


Church Inferno

Just from the visual aspect: Look at this difference! The new church area on CS2 Inferno looks absolutely stunning. We doubt that it will have much impact on the gameplay since this area is pretty straight forward, but we might be in for a surprise there as well. But on the aesthetic side of things, this is a day and night difference. The lighting, the details and the artwork of those church windows - everything comes into play to create a stunning visual experience.

A Site Inferno CS2

Next we have a screenshot of the new a site with a glimpse of the new graveyard area. Seems like the new version got rid of all sneaky hiding spots in the graveyard, which seems like a pretty big deal in terms of gameplay changes. Also the overall look of the map is much more worn off and looks like it was left in the rain for several years, which gives it a really cool vibe. The streets are not paved anymore and the overall lighting is much brighter.

T Stairs Inferno CS2

Here's a comparison of the T-Stairs area. You can see the buildings are much taller, everything looks brighter and they changed the style of the buildings to a more worn off but realistic feeling. Other than that the whole area also seems a bit more tidy and cleaned up.

Second Mid Inferno CS2

We also have a look at second mid. While the shape does not have changed that much, the trend of making the buildings much taller is also visible here. Also the style and color of the buildings is just gorgeous.

B Site Inferno CS2

Last but not least we can take a look at the B Site of Inferno in CS2. As we can see, a lot has changed there: The fountain does not contain water anymore and standing on top of it does not seem possible. So in terms of gameplay they got rid of a situationally very powerful position. Also the crates look very different, they all match the style of the overall map very well now. The dark area also got changed, as well as new box.