New CS2 Overpass is out!

The new version of Overpass just got released in CS2 and it looks absolutely stunning. In this article you'll find some comparison shots so you can take a look at it yourself.



New CS2 Overpass is out!
CS2 Overpass 1

Here we can see the B Short area. As you can see there are a lot of visual upgrades here. Everything looks much more realistic, the water also got a huge upgrade and feels and behaves way more naturally.

CS2 Overpass 2

Here we can see a comparison of the B Spot. It's the same story for this one: everything looks so much more natural and realistic. The lighting is also really smooth on this spot compared to the CS:GO version.

CS2 Overpass 3

This is the bathroom area. It got a lot brighter and looks very clean. Also a lot of new details got added, like the vending machine in the screenshot for example, that makes this area much more interesting to look at.

CS2 Overpass 4

Last but not least we take a look at outside of the bathroom area. Like in the screenshot before you can see a glimpse of the improved bathroom area itself plus the new street area. This also looks very tidy and clean with new tiles added to the floor.