Scratching CS:GO Stickers Easteregg

Scratching CS:GO Stickers Easteregg

Some CS:GO Stickers reveal a hidden message if you scratch them several times. The shown Knife Club Sticker that was applied to the AK Asiimov in this case, was scratched and shows the message "NO TALK ABOUT KNIFE CLUB" which is a reference to the well known movie "Fight Club".

CS on the Mind Sticker Easteregg

Another example is the CS on the Mind Sticker. If you scratch it enough times, the brain disappears and only the letters "CS" will remain.

There are even more examples of stickers who are intended to get scratched. But there are even stickers in the game, that are not intended to get scratched but still reveal a cool effect:

ropz London 2018 Sticker (scratched)

Here's a guide to create a cool sticker craft with signature stickers: If you scratch the ropz London 2018 Sticker exactly 7 times, only the signature will remain. If you do that on the shown AK Redline or an AK Bloodsport for example, it will result in a very cool and unique looking sticker craft. The possibilities are limitless. Get your stickers and skins now and try it for yourself: