Should You Buy CS:GO Case Keys From The Market?

The difference between CS:GO case keys in the market and in-game.

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Should You Buy CS:GO Case Keys From The Market?

If you're a new CS:GO player, you might have asked yourself why CS:GO case keys are more expensive on the CS:GO market than in Valve's in-game shop (where they all have a fixed price of $2.50). The keys are identical and the price difference doesn't make sense at all, right? Well, it does, and here is why: In October 2019, Valve released an update, in which they announced that CS:GO case keys which are purchased in-game, will no longer be tradable and marketable. But CS:GO keys existing prior to this update, will be unaffected and those keys can still be sold on the market and freely traded between users. This update caused the prices of those older CS:GO case keys to go up, as they more or less became collectible items. Should you buy these marketable and tradable CS:GO case keys? If you just want to open CS:GO cases, buy them in-game instead of the market. But if you plan to collect them, trade them with other collectors, or if you expect price increases over time, then yes. Note that newer cases after the 2019 update, have logically no tradable and marketable keys at all.

All tradable and marketable CS:GO case keys:

These 2 keys are sticker capsule keys: