Skinport Plus Browser Extension!

We are happy to present you the official Skinport browser extension called Skinport Plus. In this article we'll cover all the important functions of the extension in detail.

Skinport Plus

Browser Extension
Skinport Plus Browser Extension!

What is Skinport Plus?

Skinport Plus is our new extension that will help you when it comes to any skin related activities on the internet. Unfortunately there are some obstacles and dangers in the skin trading business, especially if you are unexperienced. Skinport Plus is our solution for this problem and will greatly enhance your safety while buying or selling skins. It is a browser extension that you can simply add to your browser of choice for free and you are all set.

Download for Chrome/Edge/Opera

Download for Firefox

These are the functions of Skinport Plus:

API Key Check

Exposed Steam Web API Key detection

In order to prevent api scams, we've implemented a warning system that notifies you when your steam web API key is activated. That might hint to some fraudulent activity that is going on in the background and will remind you to check if everything is alright if that's the case. If your API key is activated, you'll be able to revoke it, deauthorize all devices and change your password with one click with our extension.

Skinport Bot Verification

Bot Verification Check

Skinport Plus checks every incoming trade request when you are active on Skinport and verifies the legitimacy of every Skinport Bot that sends you trade requests. You'll never be in doubt again if a trade bot might be legit or not.

Protection against Skinport Impostor Sites

Skinport Phishing Website Protection

We've also implemented a protection mechanism against websites that are trying to copy Skinport in order to scam our customers. If you are about to enter a site that fulfills certain criteria of an impostor site, you'll be warned by the extension, so fraudulent sites won't stand a chance anymore.

Transparency and Data Privacy

Data security and transparency are paramount considerations in the development of our newly launched browser extension for Skinport. As users engage with our extension, it is crucial that they have a clear understanding of how data is processed and utilized. Transparency builds trust, fostering a positive relationship between our company and our users. We recognize the significance of safeguarding user data in today's digital landscape, and our commitment to transparency and data security underscores our dedication to providing a secure and trustworthy addition of our platform for our users. Please note that Skinport does not collect or process any user data via this browser extension.

Additionally, Skinport Plus is "Source open" and available on Github:

Skinport Plus on Github