The Best CS:GO Gloves on a Budget in 2021

You are looking for a new pair of CSGO gloves but are on a budget? Check out our top picks of cheap gloves at different price points and find the perfect gloves for your loadout.

Best Budget-Gloves in 2021
The Best CS:GO Gloves on a Budget in 2021

While most CSGO skins are only visible when you have the corresponding weapon equipped, the gloves are always in your view when you are playing. This makes a good pair of gloves a worthwhile investment to take your CSGO loadout to the next level. While some gloves will cost thousands of dollars, others are available for much less than that. Finding the right balance between a good price and great looks can be hard though. This guide will help you find the best and cheapest gloves for budgets of $200, $400 and $600.

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The 5 best gloves up to $200

Starting out with a budget of 200$, your choices are a bit limited. But that does not mean that you cannot pick up a nice pair of CSGO gloves with this amount of money. The gloves in this category are chosen for their general looks and will get you a more than solid base for most loadouts. These gloves are not the cheapest ones available but instead specifically chosen for their overall good looks while still staying within the budget of $200. A lot of the cheapest gloves in CSGO are not listed here, because they just do not look good enough.

1. Specialist Gloves Mogul Battle-Scarred

Specialist Gloves Mogul BS

While Battle-Scarred gloves might not be the thing most people think about as their first pick, the Mogul Gloves should be able to convince you that not every Battle-Scarred item looks bad. While the gloves look a bit worn on the top, the palms are relatively clean and come in a nice blue and grey color scheme. These gloves go well with most loadouts, apart from green knives like the Gamma Doppler finishes and green weapon skins like the AWP Containment Breach.

2. Hydra Gloves Emerald Minimal Wear

Hydra Gloves Emerald MW

If you have a green-themed loadout, finding matching gloves can be expensive. The Hydra Gloves Emerald offer you an affordable option with a bit of green on them. The overall design is not too flashy, but the big Hydra Logo is something a lot of people might not like. There are not many other options at this price point that come in Minimal Wear, making this a solid choice for the price. Should you prefer the gloves in a lighter shade of brown, getting them in Field-Tested is also a good option.

3. Driver Gloves Overtake Field-Tested

Driver Gloves Overtake FT

The Driver Gloves Overtake are relatively cheap and offer you a brown and tan design that goes well with most skins. Especially Tiger Tooth knives pair super well with these gloves. Most Driver Gloves in Field-Tested have quite a lot of noticeable wear on the palms, but that is usually covered up by the weapon or knife you are holding. These gloves are a safe option and you can’t really go wrong with them, since basically all skins will look decent when combined with them.

4. Hand Wraps Leather Field-Tested

Hand Wraps Leather FT

Looking for something that looks noticeably different from the model of the default gloves? The Hand Wraps Leather in Field-Tested might be what you are looking for. With a nice and simple design, these Hand Wraps are a solid choice at a great price point. With their open finger design, they also pair well with some operator skins. These gloves do have noticeable wear, but this actually adds to their overall rough look, making these gloves a great choice with a tight budget.

5. Driver Gloves Queen Jaguar Field-Tested

Driver Gloves Queen Jaguar FT

The Driver Gloves Queen Jaguar offer you are more exotic look. The jaguar fur pattern is not too flashy while still being unique enough to stand out. While the overall color scheme of the gloves might not be too exciting, it allows for combinations with other skins of basically all colors. The Queen Jaguar gloves usually look decently clean, even with higher float values, making them a great buy at their price point and one of the best budget glove options in CSGO.

The 5 best gloves up to $400

A $400 budget allows you to consider a lot more different gloves, including ones with a single color in Field-Tested. This budget is the sweet spot for the best price-performance ratio, enabling you to get well-fitting gloves for your loadout while not paying way too much. Most gloves in this category and do not max out the full budget either, so you can use the rest of the money to buy gloves with better than average float values or get some other nice skins.

1. Moto Gloves Polygon Field-Tested

Moto Gloves Polygon MW

If you are trying to build a blue-colored loadout, the Moto Gloves Polygon are your best choice in this price range. At roughly $240-$270, these gloves are not even close to maxing out your budget. While the Moto Gloves might not be the nicest gloves with their big knuckle protectors, you are at least getting a nice blue pattern with overall clean looks for a great price.

2. Moto Gloves Turtle Field-Tested

Moto Gloves Turtle FT

Should you be going for a green loadout, the Moto Gloves Turtle are the right choice. At usually less than 240$, these gloves offer you some clean looks in a nice shade of green while not leaving you with half of your budget unspent. Though these gloves do not pair too well with red or blue skins, a combination of the Moto Gloves Turle with a Gamma Doppler knife or similar green items looks great.

3. Specialist Gloves Crimson Web Field-Tested

Specialist Gloves Crimson Web FT

The Specialist Gloves Crimson Web are the red option in this tier. Being in a nice dark shade of red, these gloves look great in a lot of loadouts and have a very delicate web pattern. The palm area sadly is a bit boring, being colored in different shades of grey. But at the price point these gloves are at, finding something red-colored that looks better is basically impossible.

4. Hand Wraps Overprint Field-Tested

Hand Wraps Overprint FT

With the Hand Wraps Overprint, you are getting a pair of turquoise gloves with a nice pattern. While these gloves are not super flashy, they can be combined with basically every color-themed loadout, no matter if it is red, blue, green or any other color. The Hand Wraps also look great in Field-Tested, making this a really affordable pair of gloves that still looks great.

5. Driver Gloves Black Tie Field-Tested

Driver Gloves Black Tie Field-Tested

A black and white color scheme is an eternal classic – and for a good reason! These gloves can be combined with basically any other color without looking mismatched. This opens up a lot of options to use the Driver Gloves Black Tie in a themed loadout or just to fit in with the skins you already have. Whatever you are planning to do, these gloves will work just fine. Due to this flexibility and the fact that they were only released recently, these gloves are the most expensive in this budget tier.

The 4 best gloves up to $600

1. Hand Wraps Cobalt Skulls Field-Tested

Hand Wraps Cobalt Skulls FT

With a budget of $600, you are now entering the territory of higher-tier gloves. While this is still not enough to afford the most expensive gloves available, this amount of money will guarantee that you get really nice gloves with cool finishes.

2. Sport Gloves Omega Field-Tested

Sport Gloves Omega FT

If you are looking for a pair of affordable Sport Gloves, the Omega Gloves are what you want.  The Yellow and Black color scheme might not be as versatile when it comes to creating matching loadouts, but these gloves still look great on their own. With their fully black palms, these gloves are a perfect mix of eye-catching yellow and simple solid black. If your existing loadout allows for yellow gloves, these ones will surely fit in well. The Sport Gloves are often considered to be the best-looking gloves as well, so you are getting a pair of the best gloves with a great pattern - and all of that at a fair price.

3. Sport Gloves Scarlet Shamagh Field-Tested

Sport Gloves Scarlet Shamagh FT

The Sport Gloves Scarlet Shamagh in Field-Tested are another good choice. They are the only red-colored option in this price range and come with a simple red and black pattern, fitting in perfectly with red-themed skins such as an AK Redline. They allow for lots of combinations with good-looking knives as well, making these Sport Gloves a perfect choice for everyone who wants something colorful on their hands. Unlike the Omega Gloves, the Scarlet Shamagh Gloves have some color on the palms, making them a bit more interesting to look at in-game.

4. Sport Gloves Amphibious Field-Tested

Sport Gloves Amphibious FT

Last but not least we got the most expensive gloves on this list, the Sport Gloves Amphibious in Field-Tested. While Field-Tested gloves with a good float will easily exceed the $600 budget, even ones with worse floats will look decently clean. Should you want to save a bit more money, getting these gloves in Well-Worn might also be worth considering. With their nice pattern and the blue and white color scheme, these gloves are a great choice for everybody that is willing to spend around $600 on a pair of CSGO gloves.