The 5 Most Expensive Gloves in CSGO

CSGO has a lot of different glove skins available. Some of them are worth thousands of Dollars. Find out which ones are the most expensive in this top 5 list.

The 5 Most Expensive Gloves in CSGO

Apart from Weapon and Knife skins, CSGO also offers a variety of different gloves to customize your game experience even further. Gloves are basically always visible while playing, since your hands are constantly in your field of view. A nice pair of gloves is a real eye-catcher and can take the look of your loadout to the next level. While some gloves can be bought for less than $60, a lot of them are much more expensive. They are unboxed as exceedingly rare special items from some CSGO cases, with 3 different glove collections available.

Some gloves are extremely expensive, with prices going into 5 digits. The reason for those seemingly outrageous prices is relatively simple: Gloves have a limited float range that only allows Factory New Gloves to exist in the 0.06-0.07 range. This makes unboxing Factory New gloves extremely rare, similar to Factory New Crimson Web Knives. Combine this with a good-looking and desirable glove and you get a collector's item worth thousands of dollars. With these gloves being as rare as they are, even just seeing them getting sold is not an everyday occurrence. The prices mentioned in this article are rough approximations made at the time of writing this article. As with all high-value items in CSGO, these prices can and do change regularly. Things like extremely low floats or rare patterns can increase the price even further. For simplicity’s sake, only the base price for “normal” Factory New gloves is taken into account in this list.

So, if you are interested in high-tier items or just want to know how much these gloves can be worth, here are the top 5 most expensive gloves available to unbox in CSGO:

5. Moto Gloves Spearmint

Starting with the fifth most expensive pair of gloves, the Moto Gloves Spearmint are one of the less flashy skins on this list. With their mainly spearmint green and white color scheme, these gloves are elegant and clean, while still offering a bit of color with the orange stripe below the knuckle protectors. Talking about the knuckle protectors: Sadly, these are a big downside to any pair of Moto Gloves in CSGO. With their big and bulky look, these really do not fit in too well with the rest of the design. While the Moto Gloves would not be Moto Gloves without them, other glove types look a lot cleaner. The Spearmint Gloves are still a nice pair of gloves though, so they really earned their place in the top 5 most expensive gloves list.

4. Driver Gloves Snow Leopard

In fourth place, we have the Driver Gloves Snow Leopard. These gloves come with the pattern of a Snow Leopard on the wrists, white color on the fingers and most of the palms and a black hexagon pattern in the middle of the palms. Since these gloves were only recently added with the Operation Broken Fang Case and are therefore still relatively new, the price might drop a bit in the future. While the Operation Broken Fang Case was discontinued with the end of the operation, the new Snakebite Case has already been added and contains the same set of gloves. So these gloves will stay rare, but most likely not as rare as they are now. All the signs point to a slight drop in price on these gloves.

3. Driver Gloves King Snake

Snakes…why did it have to be snakes? Because these gloves with a King Snake pattern do not just offer a really nice shade of white on the fingers and most of the palms, they are also in a beige color on the reinforced part in the middle of the palms, making these the whitest gloves available. Though these gloves are currently still more expensive than the Snow Leopard gloves in place 4, the two are very similar in design and overall appearance, therefore the two might balance out at around the same price in the future. For now, the Driver Gloves King Snake make it onto the podium in a well-deserved third place.

2. Sport Gloves Vice

Though they are often the first high-tier gloves that come to mind, the Sport Gloves Vice are actually not the most expensive gloves available in CSGO. They still come in at a very close second place though. With the super flashy pink, blue and black color scheme, these gloves are guaranteed to get everyone’s attention. Additionally, the Sport Gloves are usually considered to be the overall best gloves available, making these gloves one of the most desired items in the game. Though the color scheme might not fit into every loadout, most people who own a pair of these gloves will have the necessary funds to get skins that match these gloves.

1.  Sport Gloves Pandora’s Box

The first place and therefore the crown of the most expensive gloves in CSGO goes to the Sport Gloves Pandora’s Box. These black and purple gloves combine everything great into one item. They have a color scheme that goes well with a lot of knives and weapon skins in CSGO, they are Sport Gloves – arguably the best Gloves available – and they have a great looking and intricate pattern on the palm side of the gloves. The Sport Gloves Pandora’s Box are the best-looking gloves currently available in CSGO, so it no surprise that these will also take the gold medal for the most expensive ones. Since these gloves are only found in the Glove Case and Operation Hydra Case, it seems likely that they will not be included in any newly released cases. Therefore, the prices will continue to rise, since there will not be a lot more of these unboxed in the foreseeable future. As it stands, these gloves are likely to stay in the list of most expensive gloves for a long time!


Looking at these expensive gloves, getting a pair of gloves for a good price might seems like an impossible task. This is not the case though. Even though the gloves in this article are extremely expensive, a lot of gloves are available for a lot less money. If you are on a budget and still want some good-looking gloves, feel free to give our list of the best budget gloves a look.

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