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The much longed-for 7.31c Dota 2 patch is finally here

The much anticipated and longed-for 7.31c patch has finally arrived and provides the much needed balancing the community was asking for since the release of the 7.31 update. This article was written to inform you about the most crucial changes.

The much longed-for 7.31c Dota 2 patch is finally here

Neutral Creep Updates

Harpy Scout vision, source:
Harpy Scout vision, source:

The recent meta, especially in pro play, saw a nearly game-breaking exploit, where you would take control of the neutral creep "Harpy Scout" to gain a significant vision advantage. That was one of the reasons why supports like Enchantress and Chen underwent a recent increase in popularity because of their built in abilities to control neutral creeps. This exploit was so powerful, that other support heroes were forced to rush the item "Helm of the Dominator" to gain the same advantage as those heroes. In 7.31c the vision of the Harpy Scout got significantly nerfed and also its mana cost got increased. Hopefully this will put an end to the silly exploit that was definitely not intented to work in this way.

Another huge change regarding the neutral creeps is the nerf of the Dark Troll Summoner and his ability "Raise Dead", which spawns Skeleton Warriors. These warriors were also way to powerful. In fact some players even took it so far to build entire strategies around these creeps as seen in the following video by DotaCinema:

In the recent Dota 2 update the Raise Dead cooldown got increased, the duration got reduced and the Skeleton warriors do not have armor anymore, hopefully putting an end to shenanigans like these shown in the video.

Hero Updates

A lot of heroes also got balanced in this recent patch. The most significant are the following:

Death Prophet was considered one of the strongest heroes in the patch. Her sustain in all stages of the game made here incredibly hard to kill and her ultimate Exorcism made it so easy to push towers, that she even got picked up as a position 5 hero in pro play. Both of those aspects got nerfed heavily.

The newest hero released into the Dota 2 universe was Primal Beast. This hero was considered overpowered by a large portion of the Dota 2 community. Valves reaction to this was to nerf all 3 of his normal abilities. Especially the Trample-ability was a nightmare to play against on the early levels on lane. The damage got reduced significantly both base damage- and percentage-wise.

Last but not least the most broken position one hero of the recent patch Tiny got nerfed. The building damage got reduced, his Grow-abilities damage mulitplier got reduced and his talents got nerfed, hopefully making him less overpowered in future play since Tiny was a must pick or ban across all skill levels.

If you want to read about the recent Dota 2 patch in depth you can click the link right here:

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