Top 10 Best Cheap CS:GO Knives in 2021

The dream of almost every CS:GO player and the holy grail of skins: CS:GO knives!

Top Ten Cheap Knives

Top 10 Best Cheap CS:GO Knives in 2021

While CS:GO skins rose a lot in value over the past few years due to the everlasting and increasing popularity of CS:GO and while today many knife skins cost an exorbitant amount of money, there are still a couple of underdogs and hidden gems for affordable prices worth considering, if you're in the market to buy a knife skin for yourself or gift one to a friend or a loved one as a present.

All of the skins in our list are between $60 and $200 at Skinport as of writing this post. Keep in mind that we didn't just list the cheapest knives in CS:GO. You could just sort the market by lowest price, and you'll have a "cheapest knives" list with all the ugly knives.

Instead, we considered a lot of fine details and aspects to find the best bang for your buck and a good variety of skins for the different preferences out there. So before spending $70 for a random cheap knife skin, maybe saving and spending a couple of bucks more than the bare minimum is the better choice, giving you much better options.

So here are our top 10 picks for the best cheap CS:GO knives in 2021:

★ Falchion Knife | Ultraviolet (Field-Tested)


Not only has the Falchion knife a pretty dank inspecting animation, but also a really cool additional rare one which lets you balance the knife on the palm of your hand! The Ultraviolet finish is still one of the best looking and most underrated finishes in our opinion and the contrast of dark grey and purple is just beautiful. Try to find a clean Field-Tested one with a lowest possible float, as it influences the look for this specific skin significantly. If you can't find a clean FT one, the Minimal Wear version of this skin could be an alternative as it's just a bit more expensive.

Price: $100 - Buy Falchion Knife Ultraviolet

★ M9 Bayonet | Boreal Forest (Field-Tested)


Almost everyone loves the good old M9s, the big brother of the Bayonet. Well, if you're the type of CS:GO player who can't do anything with all the fancy colorful skins, but rather prefer more realistic military looking CS:GO skins anyway, then you can't go wrong with this no-frills timeless classic. Alternatively, you could also buy the normal Bayonet with the exact same finish which is a bit cheaper than the M9. Or choose the similar looking Forest DDPAT skin, which is available for both the M9 Bayonet and the Bayonet.

Price: $170 - Buy M9 Bayonet Boreal Forest

★ Flip Knife | Freehand (Field-Tested)


Not many CS:GO players seem to own the freehand skins, which is a bit surprising since they're pretty neat. The black and purple combo with the fine metallic markings on top is a feast for the eyes. The difference between the wear levels isn't that huge like some other skins, therefore you can comfortably go with a Field-Tested one!

Price: $130 - Buy Flip Knife Freehand

★ Classic Knife | Night Stripe (Field-Tested)


Are you a nostalgic CS:GO veteran from the old 1.6/Source days? Then the Classic Knife could be the right choice for you. It was introduced in 2019 on the 20th anniversary of Counter-Strike update. The Vanilla knife is a bit costly, but there is a smart way around it for less than half of its price. The Night Stripe skin with the Field-Tested condition (floats between ~0.32 and ~0.38) comes very close to the Vanilla with almost the same color, but more importantly, the distinct hard metal edge being visible and standing out perfectly. The Well-Worn and Battle-Scarred versions are OK as well, but you will have more scratches. The cleaner Minimal Wear and Factory New conditions don't look like the original knife anymore, since the edge will be covered too much. So try to find the sweet float range recommended by us.

Priec: $120 - Buy Classic Knife Night Stripe

★ Stiletto Knife | Damascus Steel (Minimal Wear)


Ciao signor! You want to needle your opponent with Italian style and grazia? D’accordo! This knife is not for rowdies, but for the precision mechanics among you! The Damascus Steel finish looks a bit fancier than the Vanilla and fits this knife and its handle pretty well.

Price: $120 - Buy Stiletto Knife Damascus Steel

★ Bowie Knife | Tiger Tooth (Factory New)


If there was a category in CS:GO skins called "Sword Skins", then the Bowie Knife would likely be the only one listed there. This behemoth of a knife is not for the light-handed. It is for the brutal survivalists among you! Since it's so huge, it gives you a lot of surface to show off your skin! The golden shiny Tiger Tooth finish looks really good in-game. An honorable mention: the colorful Marble Fade, but that one is slightly over our $200 budget, if you can afford that.

Price: $190 - Buy Bowie Knife Tiger Tooth

★ Huntsman Knife | Vanilla

Huntsman Knife Vanilla

Another pretty underrated knife is the Huntsman Knife. It has a huge, beautiful multi-purpose survival type blade. The black and metallic finish of the Vanilla with clear outlines gives this skin a very cool look. Buy it and hunt down your opponents with the Huntsman Knife! An alternative to our suggestion could be the Boreal-Forest, which fits the Huntsman Knife very well and is cheaper than the Vanilla.

Price: $140 - Buy Huntsman Knife Vanilla

★ Gut Knife | Autotronic (Field-Tested)


The Gut Knife itself might not be among the most desirable knife skins in CS:GO, but there is something special about this specific skin which makes it look very futuristic. Don't you think? They made the handle for this one completely different than all other Gut Knife skins which usually just have a simple wooden one. Combine that with the clean red and those 3 slots on the blade and you have something which looks much better than any other Gut Knife and is definitely worth its price in our opinion! Check it out yourself, compare with other Gut Knife skins and see if you agree or not.

Price: $120 - Buy Gut Knife Autotronic

★ Bayonet | Damascus Steel (Field-Tested)


Even after almost 8 years of being available in the game, the Bayonet continues to be a community favorite and this will probably never change, because of its timeless design. The Damascus Steel finish looks similar to the Vanilla, but with a higher quality metal for almost half its price in Field-Tested condition. You can't go wrong with this one!

Price: $180 - Buy Bayonet Damascus Steel

★ Shadow Daggers | Rust Coat (Battle-Scarred)


Last but not least, if you want the nastiest, ugliest and most disgusting looking knife skin in CS:GO and stand out from the crowd, look no more. The legendary Rust Coat skin combined with one of the least desired knife models is what you're looking for. For this particular finish, you would want the float to be as bad as possible to get its full potential, i.e., the most battle scarred you can get. Slap a funny name tag on this bad boy and you're good to go for a fun time in CS:GO! Alternative Rust Coat skins: Navaja Knife, Gut Knife or Stiletto.

Price: $60 - Buy Shadow Daggers Rust Coat