Fantastic CS:GO Knives and Where to Find Them

Opening CSGO weapon cases can be fun, most people doing it are hoping to unbox a knife. Not every case can contain every knife though. This guide shows you where you can get each available knife.


Fantastic CS:GO Knives and Where to Find Them

Knives are the most well-known and desirable type of skin in CSGO. With 19 different knives in different finishes, there are a lot of items to choose from. Knives can be unboxed as an exceedingly rare special item from weapon cases, but not every case contains every knife. This guide will help you find out which cases have a chance for you to unbox a specific knife. Keep one thing in mind though: The chance of unboxing a knife is around 0,26%. With just the keys costing you 2,10€ each, it is usually the better choice to just buy the skin you want instead of gambling for it. Skinport allows you to buy your new knife cheaper than on the Steam Market – Fast, Easy and Secure!

If you do want to try your luck at unboxing a knife by yourself, it is usually a good idea to know which knives can be unboxed from which case. To make it easier for you to unbox the knife you want, we created this overview to simplify the process. Keep in mind that you still need to buy the case before you can open it. Especially for older and expensive cases, buying them on Skinport can save you a lot of money – our prices are usually noticeably lower than on the Steam Community Market.

The Original Knives:

When knives were first introduced in 2013, only 5 different knives were available. Those are the Bayonet, M9 Bayonet, Karambit, Gut Knife and Flip Knife. They come in the 13 classic finishes: Crimson Web, Case Hardened, Fade, Slaughter, Blue Steel, Boreal Forest, Forest DDPAT, Night, Safari Mesh, Scorched, Stained, Urban Masked and Vanilla (unpainted). Those original knives can be found in the following 11 cases: Operation Bravo CaseCS:GO Weapon CaseCS:GO Weapon Case 2CS:GO Weapon Case 3eSports 2013 CaseeSports 2013 Winter CaseeSports 2014 Summer CaseWinter Offensive Weapon CaseOperation Phoenix Weapon CaseOperation Vanguard Weapon Case and the Revolver Case.

Karambit Vanilla
M9 Bayonet Vanilla
Gut Knife Vanilla
Bayonet Vanilla
Flip Knife Vanilla
Bayonet Grid

Chroma Knives:

In 2015, Valve added the Chroma finishes to the game. All five original knives got six new finishes they could be unboxed in. Those finishes are Doppler, Marble Fade, Tiger Tooth, Damascus Steel, Rust Coat and Ultraviolet. The original knives with Chroma finishes are exclusively available from the Chroma CaseChroma 2 Case and Chroma 3 Case.

Chroma Case Knives

Gamma Knives

Another variant of the original knives is the Gamma finishes. Introduced in 2016, the Gamma finishes added six more variants to the five original CSGO knives, namely Gamma Doppler, Freehand, Lore, Autotronic, Bright Water and Black Laminate. As the name suggests, those knives can only be unboxed in the Gamma Case and Gamma 2 Case.

Gamma Knives

Case exclusive knives

An entirely different group of knives are the five case exclusive knives. They were the first new knife models that Valve added to the game. They are only available from one case each and come in the original 13 finishes: Crimson Web, Case Hardened, Fade, Slaughter, Blue Steel, Boreal Forest, Forest DDPAT, Night, Safari Mesh, Scorched, Stained, Urban Masked and Vanilla (unpainted).

This group includes the Huntsman Knife, which can only be unboxed from the Huntsman Weapon Case, the Butterfly Knife, available in the Operation Breakout Weapon Case, the Falchion Knife from the Falchion Case, the Shadow Daggers, available in the Shadow Case, and lastly the Bowie Knife from the Operation Wildfire Case.

Bowie Knives

Classic Knife

The Classic Knife is another case exclusive knife, but it is slightly different from the aforementioned case exclusives. Instead of the Night finish, the Classic Knife has the Night Stripe finish, which looks slightly different. Otherwise, it also comes in the original 13 different finishes and is only available from one case, the CS20 Case.

Classic Knife Vanilla

Spectrum Knives

With the Spectrum Case, released in 2017, Valve added the six Chroma finishes, Doppler, Marble Fade, Tiger Tooth, Damascus Steel, Rust Coat and Ultraviolet to the – up until this point – case exclusive knives. This meant that a Butterfly Doppler was no longer just a dream of many players but instead became a reality. Spectrum Knives are only available in the Spectrum Case and Spectrum 2 Case.

Spectrum Case Knives

Horizon Knives

In 2018, Valve decided that it was time for a whole batch of entirely new knives. The Horizon Case introduced 4 brand new knives with 13 classic finishes. As with the Classic Knife, the Night finish got replaced with Night Stripe. The 4 knives introduced in this collection are the Talon Knife, Stiletto Knife, Ursus Knife and Navaja Knife. If you want to try your luck at getting one of those four knives in the original finishes, you have to open either Horizon Cases or Danger Zone Cases, as they are the only ones that have a chance of containing them in those finishes.

Case20 Knives

Prisma Knives

The next step for Valve was one that the community was rooting for. People wanted the Horizon Knives in Chroma finishes and Valve delivered just that. The Prisma Case introduced the Doppler, Marble Fade, Tiger Tooth, Damascus Steel, Rust Coat and Ultraviolet finishes for the four Horizon Knives. If a Talon Doppler or another one of the Horizon Knives in Chroma finishes is what you want to unbox, you must open either Prisma Cases or Prisma 2 Cases, as they are the only cases that can contain one.

Prisma Knives

Shattered Web Knives

The most recent addition to the ever-growing family of CSGO knives are the four Shattered Web Knives. This is the latest batch of knives that got added to the game and is made up of the Nomad Knife, Survival Knife, Paracord Knife and Skeleton Knife. Introduced with Operation Shattered Web in 2019, these knives bring new looks and cool animations to the table.

As of today, they are only available in the original 13 finishes, but it should only be a matter of time before Valve is going to release them in Chroma finishes. For now, though, unboxing them is only possible in the Shattered Web Case and the Fracture Case.

Shattered Web Knives

Other Cases

Attentive readers might have noticed something: Not all cases that are available in CSGO are mentioned in this article. Did we forget to mention them? Of course not! All the cases not mentioned to contain specific knives have a chance for gloves as the exceedingly rare special item. Should you want to unbox those, the Glove CaseOperation Hydra CaseClutch Case and Operation Broken Fang Case can contain gloves from different collections. If a knife is what you are looking for though, these are definitely the wrong cases to open.