CS2 is finally out!

Valve finally released CS2 last night! This post will sum up everything you need to know about it.



CS2 is finally out!

CS2 is out!

The wait has come to an end finally: CS2 has been released last night. Sign in to Steam right now to get full access to the game. This article will cover the most important questions regarding the Counter-Strike 2 release.


Do I need some sort of Beta Key to play the Game?

CS2 has been in the state of a limited playtest so far. But that changed last night. You won't need any beta key or anything else to play the game. Just go to your Steam library, install CS2 and enjoy the game!

What will happen to my Skins now?

New Look

Don't worry, your skins will fully get ported to CS2 from CS:GO. So all of your skins are safe. Some might look a bit different but that is largely considered an upgrade by the community.

CS2 is running on Source 2 right?

Yes! The much awaited update of the engine comes with CS2. While CS:GO was still running on the original Source engine, CS2 runs on the much more modern and powerful Source 2 engine. That will result in a lot more potential updates in the future, since there are a lot more possibilities now for the developers of Valve.

What will happen to my CS:GO rank?

Since this is a completely new game, you'll have to grind for a rank again. How the ranked system in CS2 works is explained in this article: CS2 Rank System Explained.

Will there be a new Operation?

At this time, nothing is confirmed unfortunately. But it is very likely that we will get new content soon, as soon as the game release is confirmed a success.