10 affordable Dota 2 skins with beautiful visual effects

10 affordable Dota 2 skins with beautiful visual effects

We've all been there: We are playing nice session of Dota 2 and decide to finally try out a hero we've never or barely played before. And eventually we find out that we really like playing this hero so naturally we want to give it a great look and decide to buy some skins for it. If we browse through the available hero set pieces, bundles and skins, the most eye-catching are almost always those, who also have a visual effect in the game, which are mostly immortal skins and arcana pieces. This list is trying to help you find exactly those kinds of skins but also takes an afforable price into consideration.

10: Sullen Rampart

Sullen Rampart (idle) 
Sullen Rampart (Ghost Shroud active)

This beautiful back-piece for Necrophos was released back in 2019 as part of the IMMORTAL TREASURE III. If Necrophos moves around with this back equipped undead hands are emerging from the ground beneath behind him. If he turns on his Ghost Shroud (W) the whole model changes color to a darker green and those hands and even whole zombie-bodies are emerging from the ground in the whole area of his ability, resulting in a beautifully scary visual effect.

You can find this grusomely pretty skin over here:

9: Crimson Cyrridae

Crimson Cyrridae (idle)
Crimson Cyrridae effect (The Swarm)

This weaver skin belongs into the antenna-slot and was released in 2017. It provides a pleasant glowing look for weavers antennae and if weaver casts his Q-ablity The Swarm not only the ability effect is enhanced, but also the bugs, that are attatched to enemy units get a different glowing look. This skin is also available in a golden version.

You can buy the Crimson Cyrridae antennae here:

8: Reaper's Wreath

Reaper's Wreath (idle)
Reaper's Wreath (Marksmanship animation)

Drow Rangers amazing Reaper's Wreath bow got relased in 2019 and just looks stunning with it's great size and flowery finish. It affects her ultimate ability Marksmanship, which is a passive enhancing her right-clicks by chance. If an arrow of her bow gets enhanced, there will be a glowing beam of light emmitting towards the enemy as seen in the screenshot above.

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 7: Chalice of Ix'yxa

Chalice of Ix'yxa (idle)
Chalice of Ix'yxa (Nether Blast effect)

Pugnas chalice with the difficult-to-pronounce name came out in 2019 as part of the IMMORTAL TREASURE II and has animated eyes around its core. Additionally there is an animated centipede crawling around the surface. If Pugna casts his Q-ability Nether Blast a visual effect comes into play where a circle of dark energy gets smaller and eventually errupts into a powerful explosion that also visually affects the environment.

This absolutely cool skin can be found over here:

6: Jade Reckoning

Jade Reckoning (idle)
Jade Reckoning (Rolling Boulder effect)

Earth Spirits powerful staff get's a visual upgrade if you use the Jade Reckoning skin, which was released back in 2016 as part of the IMMORTAL TREASURE III. The rune-carved artwork on this skin gets highlighted by some shining green and blue glowing-effects. If Earth Spirit uses his W-ability Rolling Boulder, instead of turning him into a rolling stone, like any other skin would do, Earth Spirit turns into the rune-carved tip of his staff, leaving a trail of runes behind for a very cool visual effect.

Get this skin over here:

5: Golden Edict of Shadows

Golden Edict of Shadows (idle)
Golden Edict of Shadows (Smoke Screen effect)

Rikis Golden Edict of Shadows, which belongs into the head-slot of his skins and came out in 2018, comes with a very shiny golden finish on its mighty horns. If Riki casts his Smoke Screen (Q), a golden cloud appears on the ground and a hologram of Rikis head rises up from it as seen in the second screenshot. All of this is complimented by an evil laugh from Rikis voice.

Get this beautful dota skin over here:

4: The Lightning Orchid

The Lightning Orchid (idle)
The Lightning Orchid (Ball Lightning animation)

This hat for Storm Spirit is inspired by the ingame item Orchid Malevolence which used to be a popular item to buy on Storm Spirit for the longest time. If you cast his Ball Lightning (ultimate ability), the color is changed from blue to red, giving it a cool visual effect.

Buy the Lighting Orchid over here:

3: Golden Crucible of Rile

Golden Crucible of Rile (idle)
Golden Crucible of Rile (Berserker's Call animation)

The Golden Crucible of Rile, which came out in 2019, is a head for Axe with golden armor around it and steam evaporating from its sides. If Axe casts his Berserker's Call (Q) a flamboyant circle appears on the ground, marking the range of his call.

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2: Focal Resonance

Focal Resonance (idle)
Focal Resonance (Meld Strike/Psi Blades animation)

These blades for Templar Assassin are one of the older skins in this list since they came out in 2015. The golden Focal Resonance blades are not only affecting the passive Psi Blades (E) that always come into play when two enemy units stand behind each other but also Templar Assassins infamous Meld Strike (W) causing her to shoot out a powerful golden bolt of energy at the first enemy attacked when coming out of invisibility.

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1: Lash of the Lizard King

Lash of the Lizard King (idle)
Lash of the Lizard King (Shackles animation)

Last but definitely not last in this list, there is the Lash of the Lizard King for Shadow Shaman. This skin is the only one listed here, that is a bit pricier, but it is so highly unique and cool in its artwork and animation that it is definitely worth mentioning. The Lash of the Lizard King belongs into the head slot of Shadow Shaman an is a tribe-style mask with a frog theme. If you cast Shackles (E) a green frog tongue lashes out of Shamans mouth and wraps around the enemy for the whole Shackles duration.

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We hope this gave you a good inspiration on which Dota 2 skin to buy next. We have listed about 28.000 Dota 2 items in our marketplace currently, so it is definitely worth to give it a look and browse for a while, because we are sure that you will find a desired item to buy for a much cheaper price than in the ingame shop.