CS:GO Initiators Music Kit Update

CS:GO Initiators Music Kit Update

Valve just released a brand new update for CS:GO that contains map changes, some overall fixes and the new Initiators Music Kit Box (also available in StatTrak™). This article is designed to summarize the most important changes for you.

Initiators Music Kit

Valve added 6 new music kits to CS:GO:

  • 3kliksphilip, Heading for the Source
  • Humanity’s Last Breath, Void
  • Juelz, Shooters
  • Knock2, dashstar*
  • Meechy Darko, Gothic Luxury
  • Sullivan King, Lock Me Up

You can hear all of them in the video of this tweet:

They are also available as StatTrak™ Initiators Music Kits.


Valve also dealt with the users that had a full inventory this week and therefore did not receive a "10 Year Birthday Coin" so far by providing the coin to those players and also adding a message if your inventory is reaching full capacity. Furthermore they made some changes to Prime Accounts, which are now exclusively able to invite players, that they are not friends with on Steam to a party lobby and also have exclusive full view of Steam profiles they are not friends with.


They also made some changes to three of the maps that were added within last weeks CS:GO Birthday Update.

Valve fixed a lot of bugs on Blagai, Primetime and Breach. They also renamed Primetime to "Cascade".  You can read about it in detail on Valves official Counter-Strike Blog.

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